Hollywood Hits

If you like movie and television pop culture as much as we do, “Hollywood Hits” is your show. Each week, host Ariel Tawil presents the latest and greatest new releases, from both the big and small screen. Stay up to date with the celebrities and superstars, only on KCWX every Sunday at 5 PM.

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Ariel Tawil

Obviously, Ariel Tawil is a big fan of entertainment.

Her favorite movies are as wide ranging as the genres she prefers, from Forest Gump and the Godfather to “The Little Mermaid” and every Hallmark Christmas movie that ever existed. As for television shows, Ariel has a soft spot for “Parks and Recreation”, “Mad Men”, “The Good Place”, and the seminal classic “The Golden Girls”.

Ariel also serves as a co-host for YOLO TX.


Executive Producers: Bob Wills, Ismael “Smiley” Garcia

Producer: Jason Roberts

Show Host: Ariel Tawil

Writer: Kyle Spishock

Editor: Micah Jewett

Graphics: Llloyd Staples, Rudy Martinez, NZ Bowden

Transcribing & Closed Captioning: Amanda Garcia