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Quality People: Quality Work

Smiley Garcia
General Manager
Jason Roberts
Associate General Manager
Albert Wooten
Lloyd Staples
Lead Animator
Hector Ledesma
Television Projects Manager
Rudy Martinez
Art Director
Aerin Carreno
Associate Producer
Ariel Monte
News Reporter / Editor
Marylou Gonzales
Rick Gonzales
Videographer / Editor
Geoff Garrett
Teresa Garza
News Reporter / Editor
Eric Basurto
Videographer / Editor
Motion Graphics

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What kind of people work at QMP? All kinds! QMP is an equal opportunity employer that has the awesome opportunity to add teammates from around the world! We're united by QMP's values, and we celebrate our unique differences. We're excited about diversity and inclusivity—we hire talented teammates from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, and we're committed to a work environment of respect and kindness.

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