Good Taste with Tanji

Tanji Patton an Emmy award winning journalist explores the inviting world of wines, foods and culinary newsmakers featuring exclusive recipes, wine pairing ideas and demos from top chefs.

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Tanji Patton
Tanji is an Emmy award winning journalist pursuing her passion for wine and food. Tanji explores the inviting worlds of chefs, wine makers and culinary newsmakers. Her snappy, fun videos entice even the most novice of chefs to get into the kitchen and create…with a glass of wine nearby, of course.


Good Taste TV

Executive Producer: Tanji Patton

Supervising Producer: Mary Mercado

Producer: Kirsten Schaffer

Production Manager: Mike Patton

Video Logger: Rachel Comish

Writers: Sandy Coots

Closed Captioning: CARECO

Quarter Moon Productions

Production Supervisor: Smiley Garcia, Jason Roberts

Cinematography: Albert Wooten, Rick Gonzalez, Erick Basurto, Daniel Sobera, Eduardo Arroyo Deschamps

Editors: Jason Roberts, Isaac Seeland

Motion Graphics: Lloyd Staples, Rudy Martinez